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What kind of a platform is
I-CASH is cloud based commercial software, which consist of two modules: 1. An online application that you can access from any point, where you will find all reports on trade transactions. 2. Quick sales module - an application that runs on Windows OS and Android OS, which connects to all peripheral devices.
Who can use
The software is oriented to commercial sites and is designed for: 1. Grocery and non-food stores. Restaurants and fast food restaurants. 3. Sales offices. 4. Wholesale and retail warehouses. 5. Jewelry stores. 6. Fitness clubs 7. Mobile dealers.
How does work?
Two-way communication between modules. All changes to the data base that are made in the Web module are immediately reflected in the Quick Sales Module. And vice versa: every sale in the POS module is uploaded to the Web module. This way you have the opportunity to manage your warehouse remotely by making deliveries, making audits and tracking sales in stores directly from your phone or laptop at home.
Who can use
The software is oriented to commercial sites and is designed for: 1. Grocery and non-food stores. Restaurants and fast food restaurants. 3. Sales offices. 4. Wholesale and retail warehouses. 5. Jewelry stores. 6. Mobile salesman.
How much does cost per month?
The lowest possible price on the market for commercial software. Please check the price list on the website. If you choose an annual subscription - the price per month drops by almost 50%.
How is it paid?
The software is on a subscription plan. The software cannot be purchased You can check the prices on the website. You have the option to pay monthly or pay for a one-year I-CASH subscription. On the website you can find the company's bank account.
Have a problem with the connection between your devices? Here's what you should do:
1. Check the connection to the peripherals. 1.1 Check that the cash register is in PC mode. 1.2. Check if the cables have any defect that interferes with communication. 2. Check the Internet connection - the button at the bottom left of the POS will display information about the version of the operating system program and whether the device has an Internet connection. 3. Restart the program. 4. Restart the devices.
How to LOGIN?
Select the LOGIN field from the main menu and enter the access data you received in the e-mail.
What plan should I choose?
The software is available in three plans. On the website you can see what each of them gives access to. Pro package incorporates all the functionality of the Start package plus several modules specially developed for customers of the restaurant industry. In Package Pro you also get access to production and work with batches. The Inv package gives access only to sales without stock.
What devices can I-CASH be connected to?
The software was developed for Daisy Tech AD and has been tested with devices offered by them. A list of these devices can be found on the website. Communication with products of Datex Ltd., Eltrade Ltd., Zit International Ltd. and Tremol Ltd. has been developed.
The non-fiscal printer in the kitchen prints strange symbols?
You need to set the parameters of the non-fiscal printer: for more information, see the articles in the blog or contact your service technician.

Why choose I-CASH?

Commercial software designed specifically for your business. With minimal investment - maximum control and result!

  • One month free trial.

    Try for a month for free to make sure it is perfect for your business!

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    The most profitable business software, specially created for your business!

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    Multiple modules designed to meet the requirements of any business!

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    Updates and new modules to the system that you will receive for free!

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